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Supply us with your great ideas or doodles on that napkin that could use a little help!


I understand that not everyone is a graphics designer. Heck, if they were, we'd be out of a job. :D Because of this, we get a huge variety of files types sent to us. Some of them great - some of them not so much.

  Please read through these general guidelines:

  1. Creating your design in Illustrator (.ai or .eps) (CS2 version or lower, please!) is the BEST option.

  2. Photoshop files (.psd) are also acceptable if your design is a minimum of 200 dpi @ actual final print size. Also please try to keep each print color on its own layer.

  3. WORD is NOT a design program and M.S. PAINT is pretty iffy. If these are your only options, please let us know beforehand.

  4. Be sure you are able to either provide rasterized fonts or outline all fonts used in the file. Though we have over 5000 fonts in our collection, we, invariably, never seem to have the one you have chosen.

  5. Other files such as .jpgs, .pngs, .tifs or even scanned ink drawings are acceptable IF they are of a reasonably good quality. If they need to be reworked and it takes us more than 15 minutes, a fee of $50/hr may apply (billed in 30 minute increments).

  6. If you got your image off the Internet - it's probably going to be pretty small dpi. (tip: when "Googling" images - keep the "image size" tab on "Large or Extra Large Images" to be safe). Increase the size of your image to 200dpi at the final print size (see step #2 above) and take another look at the image to see if the colors are distinctively separate - (i.e. where one color meets another - is it crisp or kind of blurry, blotchy or jaggedy). Remember that because it may look pretty good as a small image on your screen - it may be a completely different story once we have to blow it up to t-shirt size.

  7. Spot colors are ideal. 6 ink colors is the max, but you can use half tones if you wish.

  8. Maximum print area is 12" wide x 12".

  9. Special effects, such as foil, suede ink, glitter, glow, puff, metallic inks, flock, glow-in-the-dark, etc. may be used in your design at an additional cost.

  10. It will be assumed that any artwork you submit is being used in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding it's usage. You will agree to assume any liability resulting from claims against GCSS Inc. for service marks, infringements of trademarks, copyrights, patents and personal rights.

  11. Once you have everything all together please contact us or request a custom quote.


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